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We are unable to ship further glove & supply orders due to the Coronavirus Outbreak supply demands.

We will send out email updates as product becomes available to us again.

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Tattoo Disposable Gloves

When to use Tattoo Disposable Gloves:

A set of disposable gloves needs to be worn during each stage of tattooing: the cleaning of the tattooing station, tattooing the client, and the final cleaning of the tattoo. If you happen to touch anything besides the equipment or the client your gloves need to be changed in order to avoid contamination.

Types of Tattoo Disposable Gloves:

Latex: A great choice for tattoo artists due to its protection against abrasions, cuts, and punctures. Latex gloves are very comfortable to wear and stretch well to fit the individual artist’s hand size. There is very minimal control and sensitivity loss as well.

Nitrile: These gloves are made up  of synthetic latex. These are more resistant to damage than rubber gloves and more importantly, they will not give customers with a latex allergy any problems in most cases. Nitrile gloves are comparable to latex in the comfort, control, and sensitivity. Having these on hand for clients with a latex allergy is a good idea!

Vinyl: These gloves are very useful for cleaning and sanitizing equipment due to their ability to resistant greases, oils, solvents, and chemicals. They are a poor choice to use during tattooing, however, due to the lack of sensation felt while wearing them.

Styles of Disposable Gloves

Fortunately, tattoo artists no longer have to use the ubiquitous white and translucent gloves often seen in the market. Stylish black gloves help tattoo artists ink in style!

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