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Digitcare ApexPro XP 100 Nitrile EC Exam Gloves- 8.25 mil-**$139.91Digitcare ApexPro XP 100 Nitrile EC Exam Gloves- 8.25 mil-**$139.91Apex Pro™ XP100 offers excellent contrast to synthetic opiates. Law Enforcement, Corrections and EMS will benefit from this added visual protection. ApexPro™ XP100 features our 2-Ply Technology with Black Exterior and Gray Interior. Apex Pro™ XP100 features our proprietary pH balanced interior for skin health.
Halyard Health Lavender Nitrile-2500/case- 2.8 Mils-**$144.91Halyard Health Lavender Nitrile-2500/case- 2.8 Mils-**$144.91The search for exceptional value in a protective, comfortable exam glove is over. Halyard Health* LAVENDER* Nitrile Exam Gloves are more economical than standard nitrile. With greater dexterity and no latex-related worries, your lab employees can concentrate on the task at hand, not the gloves on their hands. Users report LESS hand fatigue, easier movement and cooler hands. With the higher count-per-box of 250 gloves and 2500 per case. Sold by the case only..One stock # and one size per case. 10 boxes per case) Cost per box is $14.49 ea. Stock # 52816
Microflex Diamond Grip Latex Exam Gloves- 9.1 Mils-**$103.91Microflex Diamond Grip Latex Exam Gloves- 9.1 Mils-**$103.91Our most popular powder-free, textured examination glove, our Diamond Grip Glove stands alone. The Diamond Grip Glove is tough and reliable, yet is also exceptionally comfortable. It's the #1 choice of auto tech's in the USA.. Cost per box is $10.39 ea. Stock # MF - 300
Microflex Midknight Black Nitrile Exam Gloves-5.5 mils-**$99.91Microflex Midknight Black Nitrile Exam Gloves-5.5 mils-**$99.91The MidKnight Black Nitrile Exam Gloves offers the superior combination of durability and security for your ever-day hazards, in a confortable nitrile (non-latex) glove.The MidKnight black nitrile glove is strong and reliable with a fanastic look and feel. It is fully textured and provides over-all protection when needed. When strength, durability, tactile sensitivity and consistent grip is a must. The MidKnight black nitrile glove is your # 1 choice for law enforcement. Stock# MK - 296
Microflex SafeGrip Latex EC Gloves- 14.2 mils-**$119.91Microflex SafeGrip Latex EC Gloves- 14.2 mils-**$119.91For increased protection in hazardous environments, rely on SafeGrip latex examination gloves. The SafeGrip glove has an extended, beaded cuff for greater protection over the wrist and arm. And for added protection in high-risk situations, the SafeGrip glove is thicker at the fingertips, where you need the greatest protection and durability. • Extended, beaded cuff for greater protection over the wrist and arm -- 295mm Stock # SG-375
Skintx Vinyl Exam Gloves- 4 Mils-**$40.91Skintx Vinyl Exam Gloves- 4 Mils-**$40.91Features: Intrinsic softness reduces hand fatigue even for long hours of wearing these gloves, due to low 100% modulus compared with normal commercial products. Double layers of PVC/PU films to provide double protection. Odor Free, results from special formulations. Ease in donning due to the excellent slippery inner surface. Great grip from slightly tacky outer surface. Non-sterile and powder-free. Beaded cuff and White/semi clear color. Fingers are 4 mils thick. Packed 100 gloves per bx. & 10 boxes per case. $4.09 per box. Sold by the case only.

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