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Medline Aloetouch Latex Exam Gloves-**$88.17
Helps moisturize and sooth dry hands
Medline Aloetouch Latex Exam Gloves-**$88.17
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Medline Aloetouch PF Latex Exam Gloves are top quality powder free gloves with the benefits of Aloe Vera.. Aloe Vera naturally helps moisturize and sooth dry, chapped hands..These strong, durable, natural rubber latex gloves provide superior barrier protection and are powder free to minimize skin irritation..The fully textured surface gives you a sure grip on instruments and dressings..This is a ideal glove for anyone that changes gloves frequently, washes their hands repeadly, or wears gloves for extended periods of time..A good sub for Cyber-Gel pf latex exam gloves..Sold by the case only. One stock # and one size per case.. (100 per box/ 10 boxes per case)Cost per box is $8.81 ea.. Stock # MDSX-195013
Color/Texture ASTM N/A Green Medline
Length of Glove ASTM 230 MM 248 mm
Palm Thickness ASTM .08 MM .16 mm
Finger Thickness ASTM .08 MM .17 mm
Tensile strength before aging ASTM 18 26
Tensile strength after aging ASTM 14 25
Elongation before aging ASTM 650 % 852 %
Elongation after aging ASTM 500 % 811 %
Viral Penetration Test ASTM N/A Passed
Protein Content ASTM 200 <50>
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