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We are unable to ship further glove & supply orders due to the Coronavirus Outbreak supply demands.

We will send out email updates as product becomes available to us again.

Microflex FreeForm SE Nitrile Exam Gloves
Super soft nitrile
Microflex FreeForm SE Nitrile Exam Gloves
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FreeForm SE is today's most advanced super-soft nitrile formulation offering a latex-like fit and feel no other gloves can touch. Unlike conventional nitrile gloves, which tend to fit poorly and constrict, causing hands to work harder and fatigue faster, FreeForm SE works with you, continuously conforming to the contours of your hands as you move. FreeForm SE's elasticity allows for a full range-of-motion, helping to minimize unnecessary hand stress and strain that can cause musculoskeletal injury over time. • Exclusive, patented* super-soft formulation feels like latex • 100% latex free to eliminate adverse reactions associated with natural rubber latex proteins • Reliable nitrile protection against pathogens and a broad range of chemicals • Made of durable premium nitrile for remarkably high manufacturing quality measures and product consistency • Micro-textured fingertips for a secure grip in wet and dry conditions • Modulated elasticity allows for a full range of motion helping to minimize hand stress • Polymer-coated to aid in quick and easy donning, even in wet conditions Sold by the case only. One stock # and one size per case. (100 per box/ 10 boxes per case) Cost per box = $10.99 FFS-700
Length(mm/in): ASTM min. 220/8.7 -- FreeForm SE 245 / 9.6"
Cuff Thickness(mils): ASTM min. n/a -- FreeForm SE 3.5
Palm Thickness(mils): ASTM min. 2.0 -- FreeForm SE 3.9
Finger Thickness(mils): ASTA min. 2.0 -- FreeForm SE 5.5
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