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Baldur Synthetic-Gold Vinyl Powder-Free Exam Gloves
Contains no protein
Baldur Synthetic-Gold Vinyl Powder-Free Exam Gloves
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Baldur Synthetic-Gold Vinyl PF Exam Gloves..Our powder-free vinyl gloves are made from a combination of ethylene and chlorine to form poly vinyl chloride, otherwise known as PVC..They contain no protein and, consequently, lead to few or no irritations. Vinyl gloves are quite durable, and be sure to wear them in the right situations..Sold by the case only.., One stock # and one size per case..(100 per box )... ( 10 boxes per case).. (cost per box $6.04) Stock # 9300
Without Powder Vinyl gloves decrease the odds of dispersing potentially adverse substances
Vinyl Gloves Are an excellent barrier of protection when used properly
Vinyl Gloves Do not cause latex induced irritations
They are easy to don And are unrestrictive
Cost Wise Vinyl gloves are the least expensive
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