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We are unable to ship further glove & supply orders due to the Coronavirus Outbreak supply demands.

We will send out email updates as product becomes available to us again.

*Info for Auto Tech's
Automotive & Part’s Manager Glove Info
Every day your hands are exposed to a wide variety of toxic materials. Solvents, gasoline, fluids and grease are all serious health threats, especially to hands that have earned their share of nicks and cuts from stubborn bolts and twisted metal. With the appropriate pair of gloves, protection isn’t an issue.
Microflex gloves offer:
·         A reliable barrier protecting you against harmful materials
·         Eliminate cuts, burns, abrasions and stains
·         Minimize risk so you can stay on the job
Grip, strength and flexibility are important for you to do your job efficiently with minimal risk to injuries. Microflex gloves help you with this as well!
Microflex gloves allow:
·         Outstanding grip for your tools
·         Form fitting to keep your hands and finger flexible in tight spots
·         Comfortable design that reduce strain and allow extended wear
Let the grime, dirt and fluids accumulate on your gloves not your hands! You take pride in your work and want to make a great impression to your customers. Let your gloves take the mess so you can shake your customers hand with confidence.
Microflex gloves let you:
·         Keep your hands clean and healthy
·         Have confidence in greeting customers and shake hands when the job is complete
·         Leave your work behind when you head home
Check out all the highly trusted Microflex gloves we have to offer on the link to the left!

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