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Medline Curad 3G Stretch Synthetic Vinyl PF Exam Gloves
Third Generation Synthetic Gloves
Medline Curad 3G Stretch Synthetic Vinyl PF Exam Gloves
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Medline Curad 3G Stretch Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves: Ideal for Latex-Free Environments. All around performance made better by technology. Advances in vinyl glove technology have enabled Medline to make significant improvements in the features that matter most to you: strength, elongation, tactile sensitivity, and comfort. Our third-generation vinyl synthetic gloves are nothing like the vinyl synthetic gloves of a few years ago, thanks to advanced-formulation polymers. Today’s improved vinyl synthetic gloves are a cost-effective, latex-free alternative well suited to the majority of clinical applications. Except for a few instances that call for specialty gloves (e.g., chemotherapy gloves in Oncology), stretch vinyl gloves are an excellent choice for economical latex-free barrier protection. Sold by the case only. One stock # and one size per case. (100 per box/ 10 boxes per case-except size X-L which has 90 per box) Cost per box = $5.59 Stock # CUR8233
Ideal for Latex-Free Environments Cost-Effective
Stretch vinyl material Has softer PVC resins for better fit
These new softer resins Offers strength, comfort and barrier protection other vinyl gloves cannot
Size ranges X-Small to X-large
Powder Free No proteins
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