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Regent Medical Biogel® Sensor Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves
Easily donned with damp or dry hands
Regent Medical Biogel® Sensor Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves
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Biogel® gloves are made from a laminate of high-tech latex to which is bonded a thin inner coating of acrylate terpolymer. The smooth inner surface allows Biogel gloves to be easily donned with damp or dry hands without the need for a powder lubricant. This not only eliminates the risk of powder-related postoperative complications, but also eliminates the risk of allergic reactions to aerosolised natural rubber latex proteins
All Biogel gloves undergo individual air inflation inspection and have a beaded cuff for security around the wrist. A wide range of sizes ensures improved fit for comfort and user confidence with glove choices available to provide the high sensitivity vital for delicate microsurgery. Standard Biogel gloves are recommended for all general surgery and other specialities that do not require specific glove characteristics.
Sold by the box only. One stock # and one size per box. (50 pair per box) Cost per box = $137.40 Stock # 30665
Material Natural rubber latex with biogel polymer inner lining
Biogel Coating Soothes the skin to help prevent moisture loss
Thickness 8 mils @ Fingertips
Color Straw
Finger Design Straight
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